Scammers targeting ATO refunds

Scammers have been using fake myGov sites to steal myGov login details to commit tax fraud in people’s names, the federal government has warned.

 The scam involves using a text message or email to lure people into clicking a link that then gives the scammer access to your Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or myGov details.

 The messages are often something like “You are due to receive an ATO Direct refund, click here” or “You have a new message in your myGov inbox”.

 One way of avoiding these scams is to use the myGov app which allows you to sign in with a fingerprint or face recognition, so you don’t need to use a username or password.

 The government also reminded taxpayers that neither the ATO or myGov will send an email or text with a link to sign in to myGov.


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