Hornsby Accountants, Tax Agents, Business Advice and Consultants


We have established ourselves as a team of dedicated accounting and tax professionals

We provide exceptional service in a timely and efficient manner.
Our firm is located in Hornsby in Sydney but we have clients all throughout Australia.
We are large enough to offer the full range of accounting and taxation solutions, yet small enough to offer a friendly, hassle-free, tailored service.

Why Choose Us As Your Accountant?

At Links 2 Accountants & Advisors, we:

  • care about the advice we give and the outcome of that advice
  • take initiative to help you improve your position
  • pay special attention to the quality of the work & advice we provide
  • put ourselves in your shoes to develop an understanding of you and your objectives

Our Clients Include

Hornsby Accountants supporting the Building & Construction Industry
Building & Construction

Plumbers, Painters, Pest Control, Electricians, Air Conditioners, Property Investors and Real Estate

Hornsby Accountant supporting Industrial Companies
Industrial Services

Retailers, Manufacturers, Hoteliers. Agricultural, Importers, Exporters and Non-Profit Organisations

Hornsby Accountants supporting Professional Services
Professional Services

Medical, Dental, Physiotherapists, Legal, Engineering, Architects, and Management

Accountants for Service Providers - Hornsby
Service Providers

Child Care Operators, Mortgage Lenders, and Teachers

Links 2 Accountants & Advisors is conveniently located next to Hornsby Westfield.
We can accommodate your busy work schedule by having evening and Saturday appointments available.

Did You Know

Make note of these important tax dates

As a business owner with employees, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned that it is important to stay on top of your payroll.

 This includes:

 * Accurately recording the amount you pay employees

* Withholding the correct amount of tax

* Calculating and paying superannuation guarantee accurately

 As the end of this financial year draws closer on 30 June, remember these important ATO dates:

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Posted: May 2024
How to prepare for financial year-end


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Posted: May 2024
Five steps to streamline debtor management

Inefficient debtor management can hurt your business by causing irregular cash flow, increased bad debt and strained relationships. CreditorWatch has compiled a list of steps to improve your debtor management:

 1. Reduce manual tasks: Minimising manual tasks will save you time and can reduce the room for human error.

 2. Centralise your systems: Controlling your accounts in one central location allows you to quickly assess the state of your accounts and pursue payment where necessary.

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Posted: Apr 2024
Scammers targeting ATO refunds

Scammers have been using fake myGov sites to steal myGov login details to commit tax fraud in people’s names, the federal government has warned.

 The scam involves using a text message or email to lure people into clicking a link that then gives the scammer access to your Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or myGov details.

 The messages are often something like “You are due to receive an ATO Direct refund, click here” or “You have a new message in your myGov inbox”.

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Posted: Apr 2024